About Me . . .

A picture is worth a thousand words, and therefore my logo says it all. I have always loved painting and horses. As a youngster, fascinated by horses, I drew pictures of them on everything. I graduated from Florida State College at Jacksonville (formerly Florida Junior College) with an Associate of Arts degree in Art. If not for the fear of being a hungry artist, I may have continued my artistic studies but I switched my major to special education when I transferred to Florida State University where I earned both a Bachelors and Masters Degree in 1981.

While at FSU, I began taking riding lessons and found myself transformed. It was not until years later, when I graduated from college and began my career, as a teacher for students with learning disabilities and emotional disorders, was I able to purchase my first horse. Thereafter, I pursued my passion for horses and riding, leaving my artistic pursuits behind.

Now, having retired from teaching school, I have returned to my original passion for art. In 2011, on a whim, I enrolled in a painting class at a local community center, and all the skills and joy I previously experienced from painting came rushing back to me. Since that time, I have produced oil paintings with character and sophistication.

I have studied and practiced a form of riding known as dressage for 30 years. Through sheer dedication, hard work, and a driving desire to be the very best, I set and achieved a number of personal goals of which I am most proud. Some of these accomplishments are:
  • United States Dressage Federation (USDF) Bronze medal
  • USDF Rider Awards for Training, First, and Second Levels
  • South Winds Dressage & Eventing Association (SWDEA) high score championships from Introductory Level through Third Level
  • SWDEA year-end championships from Introductory Level through Third Level
  • 1995 Deep South Dressage and Combined Training Association Regional Second Level Championship
  • Numerous high score and championship ribbons at local and recognized horse shows since 1979

I believe in continually improving my artistic and riding technique through study and practice, and I am anxious to teach and share with others all that I have learned.